30 Characters in 30 Days Challenge

I'm doing the 30 Characters in 30 Days Challenge yet again. Let the punnage begin!


Combine 017 said…
Do you have all 30 characters pre-determined? Or do you, say, need some ideas? ;)
D.C. Stuelpner said…
I have about 20 horrible pun-based names as of now. Open to any ideas. In desperate need of some female ones.
Combine 017 said…
You could do something simple like a human head on a big beetle body, or something crazier like a big beetle body that has missile launchers under its armored shell and a cyborg head with a laser pointer eye and beetle mandibles!

As for ladies.

Marry Gold: Some sort of flower lady with gold related abilities.

Phlegm Fatale: Ya you can have fun thinking of something for that.

Sandy Waters(or Winters, or anything else related): Obv hurricane pun, dunno if thats too soon though.

Svetlana the Llama: Cant go wrong with russian experiment gone wrong.

Scat Woman: You probably wont want to use that one.

Tyrannosaurus Lex: An elegant 1800s style lady who enjoys only the finest assortments of teas, biscuits and whatnot.

K thats all for now.
D.C. Stuelpner said…
Thanks very much. I can't tell you how much I love Phlegm Fatale. Would go perfect with Scott 'n' Scott. Sadly though it looks like it's been done a few times before. :(

Svetlana the Llama (or Svetlama) is a must. Will think about the others.