Friday, October 21, 2011

Blue Torch

In 1956, astronaut Jerry Blake stumbles across the Mystic Blue Torch, a powerful magical artifact that he used to fight crime and injustice from 1956 until the day he disappeared in 1985. Official member of the Society of Liberty and unofficial member of Frank Sinatra's "Rat Pack".

From: Weekly Sketch Group #229

Friday, October 14, 2011

Water Bear

Chunk Kapowski was a bruiser with a heart of gold. His toughness was only outmatched by his kindness, making him the perfect candidate for a radical experiment in outer space. Armadillo Aerospace wanted to see how the toughest people they could find dealt with a ship that had far less radiation shielding than required. Chunk was an easy choice, but of course was never told the true plan for his mission. The vessel was also filled with Tardigrades, whose ability to survive in even the most extreme environments made them the perfect companions for the ill-fated crew. Once in orbit, the affects of the radiation began to take hold, slowly crippling all in the crew save Chunk. In frustration, Chunk lashed out, smashing one of the tardigrade containers, covering himself in the irradiated microscopic animals. The water bears coated his skin, fusing with his very cells, and while Chunk writhed in pain his newly formed carapace hardened his hand enough to punch right through the hull of ship. Killing all inside except himself. After re-entering earth’s atmosphere unassisted, Chunk has lost much of his compassion and humanity, but he had gained an impressive power set and new name: Water Bear!

One important aspect of a villain is their ability to survive after apparent death. And no one is better at that than Water Bear. High altitude, deep depths, no oxygen, radiation, fire, ice are all as comfy as a soft bed to Chunk. If things get too tough he just shutdowns for a bit until conditions are more to his liking. It makes him unpredictable as an ally in a fight, but you know he’ll be there for round 2.

From: Obscure Animals and Superpowers Part 2: The Villains

Mimic Octopus

Everyone joked that Amisha Tippettra should have been born with gills. An avid SCUBA diver and devout pescetarian, it seemed like she spent more with marine life than with people. What nobody realized is that her frequent trips beneath the surf were an attempt to find the voice. The voice that had been calling her all her life it seemed. Whispers wafting through the curtains carried by the ocean breeze while she slept. Telling her to hide, pretend to be something else, get away from aggressors by changing clothes, behavior, and habitat. She never knew what it meant, only that the answer was under the surface of the sea. But one day, she sees the source of the voices, it looks just like a rock, but then it doesn’t, it looks like a sponge, or a flounder, or a snake. Constantly shifting size, shape, and color faster than her eyes could focus. But this was mere distraction, because Amisha didn’t notice the tentacle reaching around behind her, slowly turning off her air. By the time she noticed it was too late. 7 more suction-cup laden arms wrapper around her tight as she struggled to breath. She finally came eye-to-eye with the demon that had haunted her all these years. And she saw it change size and shape until it looked just like her, before she slid into the abyss. Thus, what arose from the waves was not Amisha at all, rather a grotesque imitation with a sadistic pleasure for trickery and subterfuge known as Mimic Octopus!

From: Obscure Animals and Superpowers Part 2: The Villains

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Renee Urbino had always been a city girl with no love for nature. She’d take the bus to the gym to run on the treadmill instead of just running to the gym and back. She could climb every route in the air-conditioned climbing gym, but couldn’t remember the last time she’d deigned to touch a real rock. So when she headed to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival she expected that should wouldn’t go anywhere near actual wilderness. But a drunken night found her in the hands of kidnappers, who were sure they could fetch a handsome price for a pretty alemão. Renee’s head was still pounding from a hangover when she heard the door to her room unlock and open, but instead of any of her captors, there stood a gangly fuzzy bird.

“How did you open the door?” she asked.

The bird held up its wing to reveal that instead of flight feathers, there were functional fingers!

The bird then shook violently, shedding feathers and fuzz, undergoing a catastrophic molt right before Renee’s eyes and transforming into a fine adult specimen.

“Thank you so much for saving me!”

A voice emanated from the animal, “Yes, but now you must do something for me…”

And on that day, Renee too was transformed. She lost her love of cities, and instead became an advocate for the forest, determined to stop human encroachment on nature, through any means necessary. She is now, Hoatzin, Defender of the Forest!

From: Obscure Animals and Superpowers Part 2: The Villains

The Captain

Patrick Kirkpatrick was always being picked on. And why not? He was a nerd. Bullying came with the territory. But Patrick saw an opportunity to change things when the government was looking for scientists to design weapons systems. Patrick used his zoological knowledge in combination with government resources and tech to create a set of gauntlets based on the creepiest of all lemurs, the aye-aye. Unfortunately, a ‘freak’ explosion in Patrick’s lab destroyed all his work, and evidence of arson cost him his job. But it was no matter, because now Patrick had the tools he needed to pick back at all those that had picked on him for so long. He works with a team, but make no mistake, Patrick Kirkpatick is now The Captain!

From: Obscure Animals and Superpowers Part 2: The Villains