Tanya Padilla was an avid birder, who always went out of her way to see the rarest and hard-to-find specimens. It was this attitude that led to her to Costa Rica to find some of the most magnificent avian animals in the Americas. Charging head long into the bosque after hearing the call of the three-wattled bell bird, she thought she saw the flash of a Resplendent Quetzal, easily one of the prettiest birds the tiny nation had to offer. While scrabbling through the forest Tanya unknowingly stumbles into the ruins of a pre-Colombian village.

Completely overgrown, the only thing that remains untouched is the perfectly reconstructed statue of a giant bird, a terror bird. The three-wattled bell bird calls again, the bones begin to glow then a flash of light. When Tanya awakes she finds herself transformed into the fast and furious TITANIS!

She fast, she’s sharp and she’s mean. The most fleet of foot of the foursome with no time for nonsense. He razor sharp beak slices right through crime, and even though she can’t fly, don’t think you’ll be able to get away. Tanya is a top predator from the time between the last of the dinosaurs and the true rise of the mammals, and even though her namesake may have faded to obscurity, Tanya is determined to stay on top!

From: http://ifanboy.com/articles/columns/obscure-animal-superheroes-i-want-to-see/