The Queen

Shelly Dover was an assistant at an advanced research lab studying eusociality, or animals that are truly social, such as Honeybees and Naked Mole Rats. The work involved behavior modification with hormones. While cleaning the Naked Mole Rats’ habitat the colony, acting with greater unison and coordination than had ever been seen before enacted an escape. Fearing for her job, Shelly attempted to stop their egress, angering the queen who redirected the group’s aggression towards Shelly. After being bit repeated by tiny sharp teeth Shelly thought she was surely going to die but when she was found on the lab floor the next morning she showed no signs of injury. The modified mole saliva had left her with the powers of a naked mole rat, and since that day she has lead the team as THE QUEEN!

She may look delicate, but don’t be fooled. Shelly now has a pain threshold that Colossus would envy. Acids don’t matter, CO2 inhalation is no problems, and she’s now basically immune to cancer. Since naked mole rats live longer than any other rodent, and humans longer than any other ape, it’s not even clear that she’ll ever die. Shelly also has a strong empathic link to the rest of team, she truly is the kind of leader that wouldn’t ask for something she wouldn’t do herself. She expects a lot, but gives it back in spades, and while monogamy isn’t really her thing, there’s a sneaking suspicion around the base that she and Mantis Shrimp may be making time.