Mantis Shrimp

When Randall “The Crust” Auerbach ate a bowl of Cioppino he didn’t realize that the whole thing had been tainted with illegal waste. Waste dumped by the mafia, illegally. The now mutagenic crustaceans turned Randall into a hard hitting, encrusted, Homo stomatopodus known as MANTIS SHRIMP!

The firebrand. The shoot-first-ask-questions later kinda guy. He’s sort of the Midnighter of the team; tough as nails, can dish out the pain, and is sometimes even monogamous. His main offensive ability are his keratin-infused fists which he can lash out with faster than the eye can see. About 50 times quicker than the time it takes you to blink. Randall is also incredibly territorial, with senses so keen that when he’s on guard nothing can sneak past. His eyes now have 6 pupils, giving him the depth perception necessary to accurately place his killer strikes. He can smell well enough to track, and see in ultraviolet just for good measure.